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Custom Keychains Made to Order

Custom Made Keychains Pure Brilliance Banner
  1. Unique Custom Shaped Vinyl Keychains - Example with Color Chart

    Your Unique Custom Shaped Vinyl Keychains

    From $0.56 From $0.56

    It's easy to have a little creative fun, enjoy a great cost per unit price, and at the same time have a truly custom made sized, shaped and colored promotional keychain with these 100% USA custom imprinted and shaped soft vinyl keychains! Our super soft, nice and and beefy (a full 1/8th inch thick) vinyl key chains are made into any unique shape, logo or artwork you desire.

    Proudly made in the USA since 1974, your imprint will never — and we mean never — come off as a result of our proprietary material and inks, and that's backed by our exclusive lifetime guarantee. They are known for their smooth edges, top quality glossy material, vibrant glossy imprinting inks, unparalleled longevity and weather-proof durability. Both the front and the back can be imprinted. And, we can create layouts for you at no charge. Choose from eleven solid, and six translucent vinyl colors — and forty-eight vibrant true Pantone® imprinting colors! We can even mix the vinyl colors in quantities of 250 per a color, at no additional charge (please call to place these orders).

  2. Custom Keychains Logo Shaped LED Squeeze Light

    Custom Logo Shaped LED Squeeze Keychains

    From $0.93

    Create something unique and individual for your promotional events. Have your logo or design made into a fully custom shaped LED keychain! Get ready to be the light in the darkness with these cool LED squeeze keychains. Whether they’re for a promotional event for your company, a giveaway to show off your new product, or just to show appreciation to employees these keychains will be a big hit! The custom LED keychains are specially molded into any shape you desire, and our LED lights are an amazingly bright white bulb! Both sides of this keychain can be imprinted on, and they are available with your choice of a silver 4” ball chain or a black split ring with tab.

    Thinking of ordering this keychain? Contact our art department today to get a proof and a quote!


Custom keychains made to order provide an exciting, and very visible, branded promotional product, totally unique to your design / logo specifications. Options for customizing include size, material, platings (if metal), colors (and even the methods of coloring used), molded vs. die struck. vs die cut, thickness, 2D vs. 3D, packaging and even more. We proud of our reputation for providing fully branded keychains manufactured to the absolute highest standards and tolerances for clients including top brands, major organizations, recording artists, ad agencies (with whom we work with transparently) and companies of all sizes from large to small within literally every industry imaginable. And also, more than occasionally, individuals who just want something custom made that is very unique as a remembrance or to to celebrate a special occasion.

Whether your particular need calls for 250 or 25,000 in quantity, be assured that with our expertise and in-house design department at your service, the entire process of fully made-to-order keychains is an easy — and exciting! — process involving as much art and creativity, as it is precision technology, manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to workmanship. Additionally, we provide our products at industry leading pricing, in small quantities, and with the fastest production times available. In fact we can proceed from design to product completion in as little as 5 days if time is critical — by far the fastest production times available.

And, it may be a bit of a surprise to discover that our totally customized products can be purchased, in many cases, for actually less than pre-made products, and of course provide the unparalleled benefits of having total control in creating a 100% perfect fit for your needs and budget. For samples and fast quotes please call 877-2848.4044, in addition to receiving detailed information to your specific designs and / or project requirements from the professionals at