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Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Pins Category Graphic

All of our pins are totally custom designed classic accessories — and affordable. We provide seven distinct styles of pins for you to make your own — including antiqued, matte + polished, full color, premium hard enamel, captivating 3D, raised metal with epoxy, and of course our hugely popular Value die struck pins, a true die struck pin at a fantastic price point. Each has it's own unique look, and they can all be made into almost any shape you desire. Our custom department staff is always available to help refine a current design you have, or to help to develop one based on your needs. They are all quality products that will get attention and plenty of compliments, and make a great choice as promotional items, commemorative items, as reward other others, corporate branding, building school spirit and more.

105 Percent Price Guarantee

  1. Value Die Struck Custom Lapel Pins

    Value Series Classic Die Struck Lapel Pins

    From $0.59 From $0.59

    Value Die Struck custom shaped lapel pins are our most economical, yet 100% custom made, lapel pins. They provide unbeatable value in a solid metal pin with enameled color fills. Color fills are genuine enamel and Pantone color matched. You are not compromising with our Value pins, as they are created in much the same way as our more expensive struck pins. It's probably no surprise that they are also our most popular choice. Created to your exact design and / or logo specifications, they are a great option when you need an attractive classic metal pin with genuine enamel color fills — and of course, their fantastic pricing looks even better the more you get. Perfect for just about any use from brand promotion to recognition to employee accessories, they also are purchased from us by many designers and brands who sell them retail on various websites.

  2. Custom Lapel Pins with Hard Enamel Color Fills

    Custom Lapel Pins with Hard Enamel Color Fills

    From $0.93 From $0.93

    These are premium enameled custom shaped lapel pins, and feature beauty and quality matched only by the time-honored process of Cloisonné. With their hard enamel color fills, they have the major added advantage of PMS Pantone Color Match System of over 1000 Pantone colors to meet all brand guidelines. When we create a custom lapel pin with durable hard enamel, the color is level with the metal, and it gives your pin a clean, high end look — and looks are not deceiving, as they are indeed very high quality, using premium solid brass as the base material, which is then plated with genuine gold, silver, or copper. Vibrantly, colorfully, and accurately represent your logo or corporate identity.

  3. Boulevard Series Custom Lapel Pins Polished + Matte

    Polished + Matte Boulevard Series Custom Lapel Pins

    From $0.77 From $0.77

    Our exceptionally classy Polished + Matte Boulevard Series custom lapel pins provide very sharp detail and beautiful contrasting relief, with raised areas that are highly polished and recessed areas that feature a textured, matte finish. The result is a very clean, very distinctive, elegant look. Available in a multitude of platings on either premium brass, including silver, genuine gold, and copper, and in sizes from .5" to 1.5". Color can be used with our Boulevard pins, in which case we use premium hard enamel, and it works very well as an accent. Beautiful pins that make a distinctive impression, their uses are virtually limitless, and include corporate recognition, employee accessories, promotional branding, and more.

  4. Classic Raised Metal with Epoxy Lapel Pins

    Classic Raised Metal with Epoxy Lapel Pins

    From $0.71 From $0.71


    Pleasing to both the eyes, and budgets — and perhaps our favorite style of pin. Your design is precisely struck into the metal base, they are polished, plated, precisely filled with soft enamel coloring, and topped off with a thin layer of color enriching — and protective — epoxy. The epoxy also has a really nice effect to the metal parts of the pin too, making them have a more glistening look. They are 100% custom shaped and come in multiple size / price points and platings. Color fills are Pantone color matched colors for a perfect match to your brand's color specifications. Embossed + epoxy coated lapel pins make a great choice for a variety of occasions, from promotional use to employee accessories, achievement awards, and anytime a great looking pin is desired at a very cost effective price point.

  5. Antiqued Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

    Antiqued Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

    From $0.87 From $0.87

    Among our most popular pins, the antiqued custom shaped lapel pins provide exceptionally crisp and sharp detail, accentuated with beautiful contrasting relief. Featuring raised areas that are shades brighter, and recessed areas displaying a darker antiqued appearance, the result is a very clean, very distinctive and elegant look. Available in elegant platings including antiqued brass, genuine gold, silver, and copper. Soft enamel color fills are also available, and look tasteful and work well as accents. Sizes from .5" to 1.5" are available. These pins work exceptionally well in just about any promotional / rewards / appreciation / resale / corporate branding application.

  6. Full Color Graphic Die Cut Custom Lapel Pins

    Full Color Graphic Die Cut Custom Lapel Pins

    From $0.57 From $0.57

    Among our most versatile lapel pins, the full color printed pins allow any logo, design or even photograph to be recreated perfectly regardless of colors or complexity — and without the need for fine metal lines around each and every color. They are available in sizes from .5" to 1.5" (call for larger sizes). We can produce them with a fine border of stainless showing, which many like to see, or the graphic can go to the very edge of the pin ("full bleed" in printing terms). As with all of our lapel pins, they can be made in any custom shape desired. A protective layer of epoxy protects the surface, adds depth and gloss, and completes the look. In terms of flexibility and low cost, these are virtually impossible to beat, and when you want a full color graphic, they are the clear and perfect choice.

  7. 3D Custom Shaped Lapel Pins

    3D Custom Shaped Lapel Pins

    From $1.01 From $1.01

    Our amazingly detailed 3 dimensional lapel pins provide not only multiple levels of relief, but also the ability to create bevelled, radiused and precisely curved features. Available in various sizes and antiqued platings to bring out the contours and relief of the design, they are stunning in appearance and are simply fantastic for replicating animals, architecture, miniature products and logos in three dimensions. Color fills are available, but color is usually used sparingly as an accent.