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Free Customized Previews 

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We are happy to provide Free Previews via our Free Preview forms on all product pages. This allows you to see exactly how your art / design will work with a product you are considering, before you commit to placing your order. A genuine leader in value and service, we've been providing our Free Previews since 2004, ensuring the very best products with superior customization are created for you.

Savings Without Compromise

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As our own supplier we maintain deep product inventory that meets our strict requirements, and we design and customize in-house. This eliminates those layers of pricing markups typically seen elsewhere, allowing you to spend less, while receiving higher quality products, and better service. In addition to substantial savings and a better value for you, this also provides for:

  • Faster Production Times and Delivery
  • Superior CSR Product Knowledge
  • Greater Customizing Flexibility
  • Superior Quality Control

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Can I use a Purchase Order?
Yes. We accept pre-approved signed purchase orders from corporations, city / state and federal agencies, schools and universities and hospitals. Please call to confirm your purchase order.

Can we do everything via email?
Yes. To start, just email us at art@promotionalkeychains.biz, or fill out a Free Preview page which is on all product pages. You will be serviced by a dedicated customer care specialist, at your service to assist you with any questions or needs you may have. You can email any art files you have, and/or discuss any art assistance you may desire, which we are always happy to provide. Once you have your product decided on and all questions answered and are happy with your proof showing your customization, we will email you a special, secure link made just for your order with your item details pre-entered for you, including the proof of your order. Review the details of your order, such as quantity, color, price and proof. If all looks good, simply complete the online form to complete your order. If something needs to be changed, just let us know and we'll make any needed changes and revise the order page for you.

Can I call in my order?
Yes. Just give us a call at 877.848.4044, and we will be happy to assist you with your order over the phone. We will need to email a proof, but otherwise everything can be done over the phone.

I am not sure I am ready to order, but I do have a few questions — can I speak with a real person?
Yes. Simply call us at 877.848.4044 and one of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions. Chat is available too :)

Help!! Can you rush products?
Yes. Many products can be rushed, often twice as fast as the published production times listed, and some can even be shipped out same day if needed. 

Is customization included in the price?
Yes. Every item includes being customized in the price.

I do not have access to a high resolution graphic / logo. Can you help?
Yes! We are experts in "reconstruction" of artwork that will not provide quality results in it's current state. With few exceptions we can recreate and work from what you have, usually at no charge. For very complex art reconstruction, there may be a small charge, but we always also give you a copy of the final art so you have it for any future needs as well. And of course we keep the art ready for you for any future orders with us.

What are the art specifications and general guidelines?
NOTE: If you have been asked to secure the files for your project, or to place an order, but you are not a designer (as most people are not!) and/or the information on this page doesn't seem to be helping you, not to worry! Please just give us a call, or email us, or chat with us, and we will be glad to assist. Or ask your designer to view this page and to send us the files according to the information here.

A digital .eps, .ai., or PDF file (a vector file, please see image explaining the difference between raster and vector directlly below) is preferred for laser engraved and spot color imprinted items. For other items a jpeg at high resolution, or a tiff is preferred. Please call if you need assistance with these. For laser engraved items, all colors must be black, or spot color. Please save your vector file with type converted to curves, paths or outlines. Office programs (i.e. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, etc.) are not graphics programs and may not provide quality engravings or imprints / reproduction of your logo. However, we can often work with these formats to meet requirements. Please call us, or email your art to art@promotionalkeychains.biz and we will be happy to evaluate your art quickly and at no charge. If you have questions for us about your files, you can also email your questions to art@promotionalkeychains.biz.

Image showing difference between vector and raster graphics

Can I see a proof before I place an order?
Yes. In fact, we believe that it is very useful to see how (and sometimes if!) your art and / or the design you have will work with the product you are considering — before you commit to placing your order. This allows you to be sure it is the best item for your art, and allows us to confirm if everything will go smoothly, and sometimes it actually let's you discover another option that may work better for your needs and design. To that end, we are happy to provide Free Previews that do exactly that. All product pages have the Free Preview link. It's better service, which results in better customized products.

After I order online, will I see a proof before my order gets produced?
Yes. All orders placed online (or sent in by email, or called in for that matter — all orders) will receive an emailed proof for you to review and reply and advise if everything looks good, or if something needs to be changed. Proofs and alterations are done and sent promptly, usually the same day as the order is placed. The proofing email is proof.transmit@promotionalkeychains.biz. Your proof will arrive via that email address, and you can email that address before you receive it as well for any reason.

What are your payment terms/options? 
We accept all major credit cards, and company checks. We also accept pre-approved signed purchase orders from corporations, city / state and federal agencies, schools and universities and hospitals.

Do you send samples?
Yes. We offer free samples, including shipping, via mail. Need them really fast? The samples will still be free, we just ask that you cover any expedited / express shipping costs. Please call or email to arrange.

Do you make spec samples?
Yes. We can make a spec sample of an item as a confirmation of product and design prior to placing a full order. Please contact us for the details and costs involved in spec sampling.

Do you ship to Canada? 
Yes. Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. We ship via FedEx to Canada.

Do you ship to APO addresses?
Yes. We ship to APO addresses. When placing your order, please be sure that your are providing the exact way your shipment needs to be addressed to be delivered along with full contact information.

Do you accept orders that originate outside of the U.S.? (the following does not apply to Canada)
Yes, provided that full payment is made before production via wire transfer. No credit cards are accepted for international orders (other than orders from Canada).

Can I place a full order of just one item?

We are sorry, we do not make full orders consisting of one item. Please see the minimums listed on all product pages for minimum order quantities for any item.

Have a question not answered on this page? Give us a call, email or chat with us :) We are here to assist!

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