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Be The Best! Custom Made Awards Medals

What Does It Take To Be Number One?

People are drawn, like moths to a flame, by the allure of the spotlight. We celebrate success and lavish praise upon our champions, our winners. From the dawn of humanity--through myths and legends--a universal archetype for achievement has been established and engrained into the very fabric of our being.

Our desire to excel has shaped the ways we think and speak, evidenced by the myriad idioms prevalent in our lexicon. The cream rises to the top. Separate the wheat from the chaff. I get knocked down, I get up again. Rags to riches. The sky's the limit. Winners always win. And so on, ad infinitum.

It is not enough to adore our heroes. We must also adorn them. Festooned with ribbons, dangling rare earth metals, and trophies to the victor. They are awarded with precious metals as the tangible physical acknowledgement of a greatness that is more ethereal. Let all those who see these medals recognize their accomplishment.

Behind the scenes, though, is the careful craftsman who builds these medals. With delicate proficiency and attention to fine detail the skilled artisan creates a unique masterpiece that will strongly and singularly declare to the world: Champion!

Metallurgy techniques and production processes have advanced over the years to the point where it has become easy and affordable to create your own award medals. Let the knowledgeable staff at PromotionalKeychains.biz be your personal team of skilled artisans to help you design your own high quality customized medals for you next event.

The processes may have changed, but the purpose is the same--to award excellence. And when you are crowning your champion, you want a medal that reflects the magnitude and significance of the accomplishment. Plastics are out of the equation entirely and cheap metals will only serve to insult the crowned winner, diminishing their victory.

For the base, we use a versatile metal alloy known for its strength, durability, and precision tolerance for details. Each medal is then completed with a beautiful metal plating in either an antiqued or polished finish. View our platings chart for details on the array of metals we offer, including genuine gold and silver. Our standard packaging is for the medals to arrive individually bagged. However, we also offer custom made boxes, backers, and other options.

Excellence, In Example

Award winning wines and spirits adorned with custom made medals

We are proud to share with you this example of our custom made medals being used for accolades at a prestigious national event. Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America holds an annual competition and exhibition to explore, promote, and award the best drinks in the industry. They selected PromotionalKeychains.biz to work with them to create the medals that they would use to crown the top drinks.

This customer wanted something bold and impactful to showcase the winners of their competition.  Ultimately, they decided upon our large 2.5-inch 3-D molded medals with a custom imprinted ribbon lanyard for their event, with multiple varied platings to distinguish award ranks. As you can see from the event photos, these medals really stand out as a distinguished mark of excellence.


Both we and the customer were happy with the result of these custom made medals. And we would like to work with you for your next awards event and make you happy too! If you have any questions about the product or process just give us a call or email and we are glad to help you get started with your order and be the best!

Custom medal with polished gold finish Custom made medals for awards, ceremonies, & recognition.

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  • Gloria Durst

    I like how you say that the craftsman who makes the custom medals is really important to look at. It would be smart to consider who is actually making the medals when you are choosing them. In addition to this, you may want to consider what materials the medals are made of and whether they will last a long time.

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