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Find The Missing Piece Of Your Promotional Strategy

Is there something you're missing in your business? You have a great product or service. You have great prices. The customers you have all seem to love what you do. So what's the missing piece to boosting your sales and reach?

It sounds like it's time to examine your promotional strategy. Positive word of mouth is can be helpful in gaining referral business, but these days it's just not enough. There is a whole laundry list of things you can try that other people will swear by when it comes to achieving success. From social media pages, to billboards, to kissing babies and shaking hands, there's practically no limit to getting your name out there.

These can all work for you depending on your needs because a good promotional marketing strategy is a multifaceted endeavor that requires many angles of attack. Like a healthy and well-rounded breakfast, you'll need to consider the milk and cereal, as well as the bowl of fruit, so to speak. And don't forget the cup of coffee--that hot kick that gives your morning a much needed boost.

That's where we fit in. A promotional keychain can be the boost to your marketing strategy that you've been missing out on. Not convinced yet? Let's look at the many benefits that a promotional keychain can provide for your business.

A promotional keychain is a physical, tangible reminder of your brand

You might get a jingle stuck in your head or remember a funny ad on TV, but neither of these provide the benefit of being something that your customer can see and hold to remind them of your brand. They might not even carry it around with them everywhere and just throw it in a drawer only to later discover it and remember you.

A branded keychain is a gift with your name on it

People love getting free stuff and everyone loves receiving a gift. When you give your clients and customers one of our promotional keychains they are likely to view you more favorably. And they'll always remember who gave them that gift because your name or brand is literally on the keychain!

Promotional products have universal appeal

With traditional advertising you have to perform market research and carefully target an ideal demographic to get the most return for your budget. Everyone can appreciate the utility of a carabiner keychain, though. It can be used by anyone from a student carrying a water bottle on their backpack to an adult finally organizing their closet, or even be used as a way to hold sets of keys. And the whole time it's being used, your website is crisply laser engraved on the side of that carabiner.

A keychain travels well

Like a message in a bottle thrown into the ocean, you can never be sure how far your message will reach when you put it on a promotional keychain. People use them and people travel, bringing your brand with them wherever they go and potentially reaching an audience beyond what you originally conceived.

Our promotional keychains are affordable!

Perhaps best reason of all to invest in promotional keychains is their bang for the buck. And the more you buy, the more you save per unit with our tiered bulk pricing structure. Keep them in a basket at your reception desk, throw them into the crowd at a parade, take them to trade shows, ship them with customer orders. You'll want to do all of these and more because you were able to order a large quantity of promotional items and it didn't break your budget.

As you can see there are many benefits to implementing promotional products into your marketing strategy. If you're looking to spread awareness and boost your brand then you should definitely consider a giveaway item for your clients and customers. Also, by choosing to buy from PromotionalKeychains.biz you are ensuring that you have a high quality item to give to your customers. Whether you choose one of our low-cost engraved aluminum bottle openers or a fully custom made die-cast metal keychain you will be pleased with the results. Browse our website or give us a call at (877) 848-4044 and see how we can help you find the missing piece of your promotional marketing strategy!

Want to buy the puzzle piece keychain featured at the top of this article? Click here to visit the product page!

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