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What is "Tone on Tone" Laser Engraving?

If you spend enough time browsing our website you will notice that many of our keychains indicate that they have a "Tone on Tone" laser engraving. But what exactly does that mean? And how will it effect how your logo will look on the keychain? Read on for a more in depth explanation of tone on tone as it pertains to our laser engravings.

We take pride in our keychains. Instead of using topical methods like screen printing to apply your logo to the surface of the keychain, we use laser engraving to actually remove material--making your artwork a permanent part of the keychain. This method is also able to provide a greater level of fine detail in your artwork.

How Does Laser Engraving Work?

Candy piece cut in halfHere's a quick and simple way to understand the mechanics behind laser engraving. Consider a candy like an M&M where the center is a delicious milk chocolate base that is covered in a thinner layer of crispy candy shell. Our keychains are similar in that they have a metal or aluminum base that is covered in--for instance--a high polish chrome-like finish. The actual base material and finish will vary based on the keychain, carabiner, or other item that you choose but the concept is the same.

Our high powered lasers then remove a layer of the "candy shell" to reveal the layer beneath. The metal from the layer that is revealed appears as a silvery-white color. This is the color that shows your artwork or design.

(Please note: we do not offer candy engravings at this time)

Why Does The Engraving Look Lighter Or Darker?

The silvery-white of the engraving can appear lighter or darker than the metal around it based on the angle at which it is viewed. This is most noticeable on our polished keychains as they are highly reflective. If the keychain is reflecting a darker background, the engraving appears closer to white. If the keychain is reflecting a bright white background, the engraving appears as a darker gray. On less reflective items like a silver dog tag, the artwork becomes more subtle since there is less of a contrast between the engraved area and the surface finish of the item.

Consider the classic "Chessboard" optical illusion. In this image, squares A & B are actually the same shade of gray. They appear lighter or darker than each other based on the surrounding squares.

Chessboard optical illusion In this optical illusion, squares A and B are the same shade of gray.

Because of the difference between the engraving area and surface reflection, you may notice that your keychain looks different in variable lighting situations or compared to the images on our website. For instance, our website photographs were created with great care to show a high level of contrast and detail for what you might expect to see in an engraving.


Therefore, when we indicate that a laser engraving will appear as Tone-on-Tone you can expect a silvery colored engraving against a silver background. The contrast to make your image "pop" will vary according to lighting and viewing angle.

To some this look is desirable because it creates a more nuanced appearance in the finished product. Others, however, want their logo or artwork to be the main attraction. Those people may opt for our Onyx or Black Series keychains, or one of the colors of anodized aluminum we provide on products like our carabiners.

The Onyx and Black Series keychains have a darker metal plating for a higher level of contrast between the artwork and base material. Though they are still  reflective and can appear darker or lighter in a way similar to the polished silver keychains.

Tone on tone glistening rectangle You can see the tone-on-tone effect and how the engraving can appear to be different shades depending on the reflected background


Get Your Hands On A Sample

We offer samples for most of the items on our site. These samples will have a random or generic engraving and are meant to show the quality of the keychain and give you an idea of how the engraving will look. You can order these through the shopping cart from the product page. Or give us a call for a free sample. Seeing the items in person is often a good way to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

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