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We are happy to provide Free Previews via our Free Preview forms on all product pages. This allows you to see exactly how your art / design will work with a product you are considering, before you commit to placing your order. A genuine leader in value and service, we've been providing our Free Previews since 2004, ensuring the very best products with superior customization are created for you.

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As our own supplier we maintain deep product inventory that meets our strict requirements, and we design and customize in-house. This eliminates those layers of pricing markups typically seen elsewhere, allowing you to spend less, while receiving higher quality products, and better service. In addition to substantial savings and a better value for you, this also provides for:

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Online for over a decade, PromotionalKeychains.biz has
provided thousands of companies large and small, and
public, private, government and educational organizations
with fantastic wholesale pricing savings and fast turnaround
on unwaveringly high retail quality customized products.

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Online for over a decade, PromotionalKeychains.biz has provided thousands of companies large and small, and public, private, government and educational organizations with fantastic wholesale pricing savings and fast turnaround on unwaveringly high retail quality customized products.

Our range of custom promotional keychains includes:

Keychains Entirely Made to Order
These custom designed and manufactured to order products are available in various materials including die cast metal, die struck metal, metal and leather combinations, PVC, and USA vinyl, all in 2D and some with a 3D options as well. Each design and job we manufacture is personally given great care by our specialized Custom Department staff who combined have many decades working with unique designs and melding them with these various materials to achieve exemplary effects and results. Things considered include the visual effects caused by raising vs receding certain graphic elements, how a Pantone color will interplay with a chosen plating, what enamels work best with which platings, maintaining the proper square inch to thickness ratios, when an element will perhaps be an issue to to it's "breaking" out of the shape more than may be optimal in real life use, applying special border effects to bring out a design, which attachment will work best with the overall shape of the item and more.
Packaging options further broaden the ways for achieving the perfect item that matches your needs. We provide custom form-fitted gift lid-off boxes which can also be imprinted on the lid with metallic silver or gold Pantone inks, velveteen bags, and packaging in clear "celo" bags with a full color backer card inserted. Whether you are promoting a brand, an achievement, an event, a product, a cause, or any of the many other situations where these items are a wonderful fit, each and every project that goes through the Custom Department is entirely unique, and therefore we give it the unique attention it deserves to become a PromotionalKeychains.biz custom keychain product.
Engraved Keychains
We stock and engrave our metal keychains for engraving in our Ohio facility — passing the savings, and quality, on to you. We have strict demands: Firstly, to do the actual engraving, we utilize only high grade fiber lasers to achieve crisp and consistent laser etchings. The keychains themselves have strict parameters for plating thickness to provide whiter engravings, overall polish, consistency, weight, and of course an overall quality design and appearance. And since first impressions count, we also provide these engraved items in quality two piece lid-off gift boxes, at no extra cost. Since we engrave your products, quality control is tighter — we control what is leaving our facility and can confirm that it is correct before it leaves. We also have greater flexibility in meeting unusual or special needs, timeframes and shipping requirements, as we control these aspects internally as well.
Believe it or not, not all carabiners are created equally. Primary differences are in the vibrancy and quality of the anodization and the functional reliability of the clip. Over the span of twelve years we have built a reputation we are proud of for exceeding the expectations of our customers who want a promotional product that looks great now, and will keep working later. We also engrave them with the same fiber lasers we use on our metal keychains for insanely sharp and bright results. Large quantities done quickly are not an issue as we have a standard 3 day production on our carabiners and can often ship next day when needed.
USA Vinyl
We have well over 1300 cool stock shapes all ready to go, ready to be uniquely imprinted with your logo and information and made all your own. USA Vinyl products are able to be imprinted one side, or on both sides. Variety, choice and durability are the best word to describe these keychains as there are 17 different material colors, and 49 Pantone colors to choose from and mix and match. We can imprint them with up to 6 colors per side too. The combinations get exponentially larger with each available option, so you can get the best match to your company brand. For the ultimate in customization, we are specialists in making them in the unique shape of your logo or design. Sizes are typically up to 3 square inches, so for instance, 2" x 1.5" or 1" x 3" to equal 3 square inches — but they can be any shape. And because of their tight "registration" of the inks we can also make a shape that is tight to your design. At a nice .125" thickness, high gloss and smooth edges, they have what we refer to as a nice "beefy" feel. They also come with lifetime warranties which may be surprising for such an economically priced item, but the special proprietary inks — and only used on these USA Vinyl items  — really are virtually impossible to rub or flake off, even with rough use. A perfect and wise choice at any amount, it's also why they also are exceptionally good choices when very large quantities are required, for instance for government promotion or use when you get into the tens or hundreds of thousands of bulk units, and of you and your organization really want a product that will stand the test of time and usage.
Bottle Opener Keychains
We have two general categories of bottle openers: Engraved / imprinted stock items that get your logo or design added to them, and openers that we manufacture as totally new and unique products made just for you. Our stocked engraved items are completed for you in a fast 3 days — we carry the inventory and do the engraving and as such we are able to pass savings on to you, and ship them out quickly and with the ultimate in QC. We also provide manufacturing of openers made just for you — these special products have their own unique set of parameters / aspects that require very careful consideration, and get developed through our Custom Department where your project is handled with the same scrutiny and attention to detail as all of our custom made items. Whether they will end up in retail or as a promotion of your brand, event, product or other use, they are some of our customers' most favorite, and fun, items we make.
Safety Whistles
One of the first things you need in a safety whistle is, of course, that it be loud. Our Bobby Style whistles are most certainly that. The smaller mini version has a more high pitched sound, and may actually be more piercing in nature, than the larger version. But both are very loud, and come in a wide array of color choices. Laser engraved for a permanent and bright silver/white reproduction of your logo or message, and stocked and engraved promptly here in Ohio, and make are a great choice for a very useful product at an economically attractive price.
LED Keychains
These products have been very popular since they came out quite a few years ago, and even with the advent of LED's on phones, they continue to be in high demand overall. We think it's because they are still easier to turn on when they are on your keys, and you just need to press a button — and that's great because for promotional use, they are able to be imprinted or engraved. We have some of the most popular versions of these items, and as a budget priced option that is all "your own", we can even make them into the shape of your logo or design.
Floating Keychains
Our floating keychains are made of closed cell foam and are die cut to specification. The screen printed option is made up of five layers of color coordinated layers you choose, imprinted on one or both sides with Pantone inks and the full color option is one thicker layer of white, and features your unique full color graphic on one side and optional information on the back. Both have a marine-look nylon rope tassel and attached buoy. Being a custom made item, they go through careful design development in our Custom Department.

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